How Much “AI” is there in the Veritone IPO?

April 26. 2017. 5 mins read

It was only last week that we saw a new AI unicorn birthed alongside speculation that this AI unicorn had also confidentially filed for an IPO. This led us to pontificate a bit about how AI is not the next dot-com because this time it’s different. This time, the technology that everyone is raving about is showing superior value causing it to be recognized by investors, unlike the dot-com era where the promise of superior value was enough to get it recognized.

Just today, we rubbed our eyes and saw that another “AI IPO” appears to have been filed. If we’re going to see AI IPOs going off left and right now, we need a voice of reason to make sure that people aren’t just adding “powered by AI” to their marketing brochures. The company we’re talking about is called Veritone, and we can confirm that their marketing team has successfully littered their homepage with references to AI:

Veritone IPO Website

According to several of our on-staff MBAs who have been researching this thing non-stop, we can also confirm that they have put in place that really cool animated graphic that shows the earth and then lots of lines with dots connecting them in the shapes of triangles imposed over the earth (this is another way you can tell someone is using AI).

Everything looks good so far, however instead of getting all excited and asking them to talk about “using AI”, we’re going to just dig right into the

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