The Biggest Marijuana Growers in The United States

March 16. 2017. 7 mins read

Legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis is often swept into the scenes of retail pot shops and “cutesy” edible novelties when it comes to media coverage: little is known about the “behind-the-scenes” operations of the cannabis industry. Growing cannabis, ironically, is the most important part of the cannabis market, because without the raw flower, no derivative products are made, nor are any cannabis sales being made. We’ve come a long way from back in the day when a few plants in the closet during college could help you save $40 a week and maybe even pay for some books. That was a great part-time gig for college students, unless you made a huge oversight like these marijuana growers did:

Despite the “hush, hush” within an industry dominated by cash due to banking regulations and fears, there are some clear players in the world of growing cannabis. These growers face stiff regulations. It used to be in Colorado that retail operations had to grow at least 70% of the product that they sell, causing everyone to have at least a hand in cannabis production. Since then, that law has changed, but a lot of questions are being raised about vertical integration and the role that growers will play in the nationwide cannabis frontier. Here, though, discussion of the top ten cannabis growers vying for market dominance will reveal key elements about each company that could catapult them into the forefront as the nation’s foremost cannabis producer – the Del Monte of weed if you will.

GW Pharmaceuticals

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