Why Cannabis Science (CBIS) Should Scare You to Death

Who would have known that the legalization of marijuana would suddenly make so many people interested in securing their futures. We are getting so many “how do I buy marijuana stocks” questions that we had to write an article to answer the question aptly titled “How to Buy Marijuana Stocks for Dummies“. The common thread we noticed with all these inquiries was that the people asking didn’t seem to really care which stocks they bought, but rather they just wanted to “buy marijuana stocks“. This is a dangerous approach to take in the cannabis space right now and while we write exclusively about exciting emerging technologies, we’re going to try and dedicate one article a week to help guide all the ambitious stoners out there. If you think you’re going to retire in Mexico and smoke skunk all day on the private island you bought with your proceeds from “buying marijuana stocks”, the vast majority of you are sorely mistaken. One stock called Cannabis Science (CBIS) is a good example of what we mean.

While our last cannabis-related article told you how to buy marijuana stocks, it didn’t tell you which marijuana stocks to buy. For whatever reason, people always want to be told where to invest their money. Maybe it’s because they feel more assured by talking to some handsome young financial adviser in a Ferragamo tie who took the train in to work. or maybe it’s because they actually think someone out there knows. The truth is, no financial adviser on the face of this planet will ever tell you that you made a bad investment decision by investing in a broad market tracker fund (look it up). In other words, we told you exactly how you should invest which is to make sure that 80% of your portfolio is in safe investments like a mainstream robo advisor while the other 20% is used to “buy marijuana stocks”. We’re back to the same question again. Which marijuana stocks should I buy?

That’s the wrong question to ask. Because there are so many cannabis stock investing scams that the SEC had to issue a warning, the right question to ask here should be “which ones should I not invest in”. Our answer is simply this. You should not invest in any over-the-counter (OTC) stock unless it’s an ADR.

An ADR is when a stock that trades on a foreign stock exchange is also traded on the OTC market as an easy way for a foreign company to offer shares to U.S. based investors.

You should not buy any OTC stock that is not an ADR. Here’s why.

Marijuana Penny Stocks

We’ve written extensively about OTC scams since 2003. We’ve uncovered some of the biggest, crappiest, scummiest, company management teams you can possible think of. We’ve been physically threatened (yawn), accused of being short (we never short any stocks we discuss), invited to join in (no thanks, we’re doing just fine financially), and have been threatened with “libel lawsuits” more often than we can count (facts aren’t libel). Loyal readers know that we value our integrity more than anything and that our track record speaks for itself. We can tell you that 99% of OTC stocks are a scam. Even the SEC issued a warning about marijuana penny stocks:

An Example of a Marijuana Stock Not to Buy

We’ve given you examples before of the red flags you should be on the lookout for when looking at OTC stocks. One red flag we didn’t mention because it is obvious its barely worth repeating. Do not invest with a company whose management has been accused of stock fraud before. This is kind of like when you’re dumb enough to front a dealer who you don’t know $50 for a bag of skunk and you don’t hear from him for a week. Then you run into him outside of Taco Bell and while you’re all up in his grill, he asks you to front him $50 again and he’ll bring you back twice as much skunk. If you’re that dumb to front the guy $50 again, you deserve to have your money taken. Let’s take an OTC stock called Cannabis Science (OTCMKTS:CBIS). The CEO and co-founder is named Raymond C. Dabney, this guy:

That’s right. He’s named in a lawsuit filed by the SEC accusing him of stock price manipulation. That wasn’t his first run in with the authorities though:

So what was the outcome of the lawsuit? Read for yourself:

The final judgments permanently enjoin Raymond C. Dabney of Vancouver, British Columbia, Richard A. Dabney of Rancho Palos Verdes, California, Charles J. Smith of Reno, Nevada, and Philip M. Young of Scottsdale, Arizona, from violations of the securities registration provisions of the federal securities laws, and also enjoin Richard Dabney from violations of the antifraud provisions. The four defendants were ordered to pay more than $1.4 million in disgorgement, interest, and civil penalties. The Commission’s complaint alleged that the defendants engaged in an unregistered distribution of the securities of Alliance Transcription Services, Inc. (formerly Strategy X, Inc.) from April 2005 through September 2006 and that Alliance and its officers participated in a scheme to manipulate the price and trading volume of its stock.

Here’s a link to the above from the SEC website. Yes, that same guy who has been in trouble twice now with the authorities is now running Cannabis Science (CBIS) and he’s offering you free shares as a loyalty gift (we can’t make this stuff up). Look, if you want to speculate with this high volume issue then go right ahead. Just be aware that you shouldn’t be surprised at all if this shtick gets shut the fcuk down by the SEC. Why? It’s because of a little something we call “science by press release”.

Science by Press Release

So when you dig into the legal filing like we did, you see that these guys were accused of issuing misleading press releases that contained blatant lies. Here, take a look for yourself:


We have made an observation about OTC companies which is that they often lie from one press release to the next. This is how they keep all the bag holders (look it up) sucked in so they don’t sell. Would it be any surprise to see that Cannabis Science (OTCMKTS:CBIS) has managed to issue 66 press releases in 2016? How do you even manage to do that? That’s more than one press release a week. While we’d like to hope that none of those press releases are misleading, we’re just not willing to take a chance given this individual’s track record. Maybe this time he’s changed his ways, but we’re not going to front him money a third time hoping he doesn’t run off with it like the last two times.


So there you go. We’ve given you an example of a stock you should not buy without being perfectly willing to part with all that money you’re fronting this guy. And if you’re a current shareholder of Cannabis Science (CBIS), you ought to be scared to death right about now.

UPDATE: 1/24/2017 We filed a formal complaint to the SEC for them to investigate Cannabis Science (CBIS) on the premise that it appears to be a pump and dump scheme of the same type that has been perpetrated before by the CEO and co-founder per the contents of this article.

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98 thoughts on “Why Cannabis Science (CBIS) Should Scare You to Death
  1. Cannabis Science Inc. is recently in the news more often than many other Marijuana stocks for its joint agreement with Harvard’s Dana Farber Cancer institute. If this article says that this company is a scam, how can Harvard’s Cancer Institute make a joint agreement for research with them? I called Dana Farber and they confirmed that they are working with Cannabis Science inc. I also emailed a professor from Harvard that is involved with this research and he replied and confirmed as well. How would you explain that? Please explain if I’m wrong. Thanks

    1. It says it all in the article Sean and your anecdotal evidence (if true) means absolutely nothing coming from a company whose CEO lied to investors in press releases and was sued by the SEC for doing so.

      1. So you’re saying if my evidence is correct, then Cannabis Science might not be scam?

        My original email to The Professor:

        Ngwa, Wilfred F.,PH.D.
        Jan 24 at 10:11 PM

        Hello Professor Ngwa,

        I have been reading online that Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center and Cannabis Science Inc have started a joint collaboration for exploring the possibilities of new cannabinoid medicines. I also read online that you are involved in this research and joint agreement.

        I am curious of the future of this collaborative research and would like to seek your opinion of the future of this research. What do you think of Cannabis Science, Inc and its role in cancer research? Is this collaboration near any possible discovery or even an FDA approval?

        Professor Ngwa’s response:

        Dear Sean,
        Yes the research collaboration has started. There will be significant updates on this by April 28-30 2017 summit where Cannabis Science will speak.

        1. You didn’t read the article Sean. The guy running this shtick has been in trouble with authorities twice now for fleecing investors running stock promotions. Nobody cares about some emails you say you sent. Sorry mate.

          1. Anyone interested to validate my claim can email or call Harvard’s Dana Farber Inst. and confirm for themselves. Anyways, lets say my claim is true, Don’t you think Harvard University’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute appropriately select the companies they work with?

          2. Nobody, nobody wants to have anything to do with a company that has a CEO who has now been in trouble 2 times with the authorities. You’re starting to raise our suspicions there Sean. Are you affiliated with the company in any way?

          3. A quick search of CBIS and Harvard working together gets over 70,000 results, so yes, CBIS and Harvard Medical are partnering in research, so what Sean said is not anecdotal evidence, it’s a documented fact.

          4. “A quick search of CBIS and Harvard working together gets over 70,000 results”

            That tells us absolutely nothing and isn’t even anecdotal.

            The SEC complaint we filed is where we’re leaving this. Investors have been sufficiently warned and we have hopefully given some of our readers more funds to invest in real opportunities.

      2. Actually, it doesn’t say it all in the article. In fact, your article is very biased against Raymond Dabney and has nothing to do with CBIS, which has a spotless record with the stock exchange. You lied in the article as well, your quote from the final decision is not a quote from that document at all but a re-wording obviously done by you to make Raymond out to be a habitual criminal or something, I have the documents in question which I obtained from PACER.gov (Public Access to Court Electronic Records), and the decision in those documents is quite different to your “quote” above. From page seven of that decision concerning Raymond Dabney ““[the defendant’s] base of operations [was] in another country, and this case mark[ed] the first time he ha[d] been accused of wrongdoing in the United States.” Id. It is therefore unclear whether the court placed much, if any, weight on the defendant’s foreign violations in deciding whether to grant an injunction. The Commission contends that even if it must demonstrate conduct and effect in the United States it can do so because Raymond Dabney’s prior company, XRAYMEDIA, Inc., was incorporated in the United States and listed as a bulletin board stock, and Raymond Dabney used a U.S. attorney to review press releases prior to their issuance–suggesting that he was concerned that his company comply with U.S. securities laws because U.S. citizens might read the press releases and invest. However, the Commission has not attempted to show that any of the false press releases issued by XRAYMEDIA, Inc., were disseminated in the United States or that U.S. investors were affected in any way. Finally, the Commission argues that Raymond Dabney is a repeat offender because, although the Commission did not charge him with fraudulent conduct, he nevertheless reviewed all of the false press releases issued by Alliance and provided advice to Richard Dabney. The Commission, however, only charged Raymond Dabney with section 5 violations for selling unregistered securities and not with a violation premised upon his alleged involvement in a scheme to issue false press releases. In fact, there is not a single allegation in the Commission’s Memorandum in Support of Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment (doc. #67) charging Raymond Dabney with participating in such a scheme.
        Courts consider the same factors when deciding whether to impose officer and director bars and whether to impose a penny stock bar. See Steadman, 603 F.2d at 1140. As explained above, even a limited officer and director bars requires some degree of scienter. It follows that scienter is also required in order to impose a penny stock bar.”
        As you can see, the court decision made it clear that Raymond consulted an attorney to assure himself that the press releases did in fact fall in line with US law even though none of those releases even made it to the US. Nice try at smearing a good company.

        1. Ok, correction, the SEC page does say the above quote, I apologize for the confusion, I was going by the actual court documents not the SEC statement, but it is a summary statement by the SEC clumping all defendants into one short summary, it does not specify specific findings of the court, which is spelled out in the quote I posted from the actual court decision. So I retract my statement that you re-worded it, we were looking at different documents. However, none of any of that is in any way related to CBIS, which, as I said, has a spotless record with the stock exchange and has been trading successfully for over 8 years and had made great strides in forwarding the research into Cannabis and its medicinal applications, especially in the area of cancer research.

  2. I understand your point but how come Harvard University is working with them?!! And no I am not affiliated with them. I made $20,000 when I last bought & sold their stock. I read about them online until I came across your article.

    1. Nobody, nobody wants to have anything to do with a company that has a CEO who has lied to investors MULTIPLE TIMES before by telling blatant lies in press releases and who now been in trouble 2 times with the financial authorities. Does that answer your question?

      1. With all do respect, asked you MULTIPLE TIMES why Harvard University is doing business with them?! Please brighten me.

        1. Maybe you should ask the CEO who says he is working with Harvard why he lied on press releases before and if he is in fact lying again? That is the question you should be asking MULTIPLE TIMES mate.

    2. Your comments reminded us of our duty to the investing public Steve. Please see below update to article:

      UPDATE: 1/24/2017 We filed a formal complaint to the SEC for them to investigate Cannabis Science (CBIS) on the premise that it appears to be a pump and dump scheme of the same type that has been perpetrated before by the CEO and co-founder per the contents of this article.

      Thank you for reminding us to do that!

      1. Funny how the SEC cherry picks who they investigate and who they ruin, aka HALT. like they did to GrowLife (PHOT) unrightfully back in 2014.. cost me $200k in gains… and at least they’re legit and not run by a scammer.

        1. It is SHOCKING that the SEC lets criminal enterprises operate on the OTC market. We’ve been highlighting these scams for over a decade now.

          1. If that’s what you’re expecting, that’s not how a typical stock promotion works. Another reason to stay far, far away.

          2. so what of the other company he is involved in CBCA? goes from a penny to over $4. just entertaining thoughts, I have no shares in either company at the present time, but did buy CBIS at .04 and sold at .095.

          3. We advise people to stay far, far away from anything relating to an individual who has been involved in securities fraud before. Pretty simple logic there.

    1. UPDATE: 1/24/2017 We filed a formal complaint to the SEC for them to investigate Cannabis Science (CBIS) on the premise that it appears to be a pump and dump scheme of the same type that has been perpetrated before by the CEO and co-founder per the contents of this article.

      1. What is the status of the SEC complaint? In a number of the press releases it states there is a cultivation site in Douglas County, Nevada, however Douglas County has had an ordinance since 2014 prohibiting marijuana cultivation establishments. All marijuana cultivation establishments must be licensed by the State of Nevada, through the the Nevada Department of Behavioral Health and Human Services, in checking with the State this company does not have a State issued marijuana cultivation establishment license.

        1. Thank you for the comment. We filed that complaint and have not heard anything since from the SEC. We wouldn’t necessarily expect to either.

          We have much more important things to research and write about than this OTC stock. One warning should be plenty for people to be aware of the facts that we’ve presented.

          What you state sounds like just another conflicting fact that OTC companies are known for.

  3. You are not getting my point Joe Nanalyze Forum. I don’t need to ask the CEO. I called Harvard University and asked them. They CONFIRMED THAT THEY WORK WITH CBIS. Instead of staying in denial, why don’t you call Harvard yourself and find out. You don’t need to call MULTIPLE TIMES. They answer you once. You can then post your findings here in your great article.

    1. We filed a formal complaint to the SEC for them to investigate Cannabis Science (CBIS) on the premise that it appears to be a pump and dump scheme of the same type that has been perpetrated before by the CEO and co-founder per the contents of this article. We’re moving on to bigger and better things now.

    2. Its very interesting that the writer of this article will NOT validate the involvement of Harvard University and thinks it’s irrelevant.. Thing is….EVERY STOCK PURCHASE carries with it a TREMENDOUS RISK OF LOSS.. PERIOD. No matter if it’s pre-IPO or OTC or freaking commodities and futures. If you think for one minute that other publicly traded companies are being operated by UPSTANDING citizens who have no PAST—think again. Just because you don’t know about it—-doesn’t mean they don’t have indiscretions. If you get in and out at the right time—you make money. If you don’t, you won’t. That is the formula no matter WHAT STOCK IT IS. Who would have thought that Chipotle stock would SKY ROCKET the way it did? NOBODY! And the people who bought in early—-WON. Buy it now and you will NEVER make the rate of return that the initial investors made. That’s the way of the world.

      1. The man running this enterprise was convicted of lying in press releases before and you want us to believe him this time because why?

    3. Oh wow I love the way you just hit the nail on the head, why haven’t they called or emailed Harvard to respond accordingly, unless they are afraid of what their response will be. I’m betting they already have and just will not post Harvard’s response. I also feel such a great animosity that nanalyze has towards cbis that it is very obvious and effecting their input towards this company. In a way their a plus to shareholders letting and keeping them informed on the good or the company’s that need to be watched but here in this situation it’s obvious that that they seem to carry a vandetta against this company and officers that are in charge. Yes this companys officers need to be watched and keep in check and would not doubt that they are being watched good for the shareholders , but also with that being said there are other questionable companies that have had similar problems, but seem to change and become profitable for those who have invested and made money. Time will tell and big brother is always watching.

  4. Who gives a crap about Harvard and Dana Farber. They paid them 250,000 for a one year deal to be associated with them. That’s like paying someone to be your friend !!

    Also, this company has 2.5 billion shares outstanding. That’s means they are worth 200 million at .08…..thats crazy for a company that never produced 1 dollar in sales ever and they paid for everything in stock !!!

    1. Agreed Jim. We didn’t even start to list all the red flags we saw in their SEC filings. It is incredible to think that in this day and age something like this is allowed to take place.

    1. You should read the article before commenting:

      We’ve written extensively about OTC scams since 2003. We’ve uncovered some of the biggest, crappiest, scummiest, company management teams you can possible think of. We’ve been physically threatened (yawn), accused of being short (we never short any stocks we discuss), invited to join in (no thanks, we’re doing just fine financially), and have been threatened with “libel lawsuits” more often than we can count (facts aren’t libel).

  5. Is CBIS a scam? Undoubtedly.
    Are the managment scum? Proven.
    Have many of us made considerable gains multiple times from the stock? Yes.
    Is the goal of an investment to make money? I should hope so.

    I totally agree with all of the points of your article, but a “buyer beware” notice is far more appropriate than advising people to not buy it.

    As an investment, it has paid astronomically more than every other stock, mutual fund, girl friend, book, guitar, or anything else I’ve ever purchased.

    If someone only wants to get laid – and there’s a whorehouse – albeight an illegal, dirty, STD ridden whorehoes- that is days away from getting raided and shut down – but is currently stock full of east european women who are ready to be laid for pennies on the dollar – it is most definitely worth the short term investment for the immediate rewards wanted.

    Keep shouting the truth to the treetops; we’ll still be making coin on every dip until the doors are chained shut.

    1. Your analogy is genius but not entirely correct.

      There is definitely a reason to tell people to avoid this mess. What if the SEC halts trading which they very well could do? Think you’ll find a buyer for those shares?

    2. The other thing that’s worth noting here is that somewhere, some retiree is being fleeced of his life savings because he’s been scammed into being the bag holder. Your profits are only being made because of bag holders getting fleeced. That’s worth remembering here.

      1. I’m not arguing ethics. I’m saying that a stock that is up 41.5% (as of 11:19 am ET) in two days can’t be called a bad investment.

        I’ve made money; which is the ONLY reason to invest.

        Ethically, it’s trash. Awful. Heinous.

        Intellectually, it’s terrible long term strategy; a house of cards in a hurricane.

        As an investment? Where else are you going to get a 41% return in two days?

        1. It is not an “investment”. It is akin to a roulette table. Just be very careful. You don’t want to be the one holding the bag when the music stops!

        2. Tdaphone is Right in one way and you are right in another thankyou for the awesome job you all do in scoping out the because we need to know where is is roaming looking for whom he can devour, there is money to be made but we need to be cautious and wise. Penny stocks are a Gamble but it’s companies like yourself that keep us informed about the hidden faults of these companies that take advantage of the shareholder. Thanks for all you do, but there is money to be made in canabis stocks we need companies like yourself to point out best of the best, not only the questionable ones.

          1. GWPH
            …. do your own due diligence, educate, network with calls and events and read far beyond opinionated blogs.
            Like it or not CBIS is a real company with very real growth potential and quality practical and affective products.
            If you’re too busy reading blogs, unwilling to delve deep into contacting this very approachable company or too cheap to gamble on penny stocks then why not just keep your cash in your wallet and play it safe … with the same $20 in your wallet for the next 10 years.

          2. Nobody is buying what you are selling Joel. Fortunately our article has over 3,000 shares and people are being warned every single day.

  6. Sure, many of us have fallen for penny stocks and lost. For some it’s the psychological rush of owning 10,000 shares of a stock for example. I did that for awhile and fell for the pump and dump scams. I also go to Vegas and play Craps and Roulette and do ok and if I come home with what I took, I won because I had a good time. I only bet what I am willing to lose. With this stock, the fact they are partners with Harvard sold me, and their venture is for a good cause. So I got a bunch and will watch.

    1. So the CEO who has been in trouble with the financial authorities twice now, the last time for lying on press releases, THAT CEO, told you CBIS is working with Harvard? And you believe him? Just want to make that clear here.

  7. Do penny stocks never go past pennies?? There are stocks out there that have that chance all it takes for s is a breakthrough

      1. I’m attending Dabney’s weekend presentation at Harvard Med next weekend after following the company and its affiliates for over 2 years (as a Science colleague and investor) I have had top Phd colleaugues call and converse with Dabney about the products within their expertise to hear confirmed positive response. How you see things depends upon where your standing, aternative advocation is always greatly needed especially in this budding industry.

  8. Do penny stocks never go past pennies?? There are stocks out there that have that chance all it takes for s is a breakthrough

  9. There is something shady going on with this site, they are purposely deleting favorable info on this stock. Its obvious they are shorting.

          1. Same goes for this one. We’re going to delete any more posts from you that are full of name calling and ranting because our readers deserve better and you are spoiling it for everyone.

  10. There is something shady going on with this site, they are purposely deleting favorable info on this stock. Its obvious they are shorting.

  11. Graph it and then add Bollinger bands, its a clinic of how they work and you are erasing positive posts about this stock while calling for it to fall. That’s super shady stuff.
    Maybe someone needs to report you to the regulators.

        1. Anymore accusatory posts like this one Bill? You can bet we will delete. Nobody receives any value from your diatribes.

          1. Is it possible for you to remain professional? How do you expect people to take you seriously. Walk it like you talk it… your fly is open

  12. Let’s face it, penny stocks is gambling vs those ‘safe” stocks we all know about where you put in your $$ and sit back bored. I like the idea of $100 getting me $1400 or $300 getting me $4200. It’s all about the timing. I’m betting on CBIS and keeping a close eye, as anyone should with penny stocks. I don’t care about who did what to whom and their record. Everyone can repent…….

    1. How about liking the idea of losing all your money as most people will? How about liking the idea of fleecing retirees of their life savings?

      1. If a retiree dare places his/her life savings into a penny stock, they haven’t learned much in their years on earth. Penny stocks are for gambling, plain and simple, just like on the strip in Vegas. Retirees who are banking on their $$ to pay the bills have no business fooling around with them, period.

        1. Who do you think these OTC scams are targeting? Bag holders, many of which are retirees. And it’s not just them. Blue collar dollars are propping up these scams and when they lose their money they have no resort. Guess who isn’t gambling though? The people behind the scam. They make off like bandits.

          We get requests each day from people trying to “buy marijuana stocks”. Fortunately we are in a position to warn all of them about the dangers that lurk out there.

          1. You are providing a service obviously. Good for you. The more folks are informed, they can make their decisions.

          2. That’s precisely right! Nanalyze provides objective information so that investors can make informed investment decisions.

  13. I also sent Dana-Farber an email – an here is their reply – I believe I will take your advice and take profits on swing high-s — and limit my exposure….
    Had to check the news the other day. Sent Dana-Farber Cancer Institute an email to ask if they were in a joint research project with CBIS.
    Here’s the reply:
    Thank you for the email.

    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Cannabis Science Inc. have entered into an agreement that lays the foundation for a cooperative research initiative to explore and develop new cannabinoid medicines to fight cancer.
    Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2017 4:20 PM

    1. Thank you for the comment. Please note that we are not giving advice. We are simply telling the general public that the man behind CBIS was in trouble twice with the financial authorities with one charge being that he lied in press releases. Consequently, we do not believe anything he says or you say for that matter as we know that people who lie in press releases always have a legion of people out there spreading disinformation (or as it is so aptly called these days by the media, “fake news”).

      1. you are pushing a negative narrative because you have an agenda. You know you deleted my posts and then you lied about it and accused me of lying.

        Its abundantly clear you have an agenda and its super slimy you pulled the crap you pulled.
        Then you post this acting like you are helping, you know you deleted my posts, You know it. I know it. No one but you and me knows you are lying and therefore a dishonest site.

        Nothing you ever say can be believed. You know you lied.

        1. I got out of this stock a week ago, My agenda was to point out there was in fact a solid opportunity with this stock your point was to delete my posts and then lie about to push your negative nonsense so the stock would drop.

          I wish I screen shotted that crap, I had no idea you would be so blatantly dishonest.

          What a weasel thing to do. The immorality of what you pulled literally has shocked me. I cant believe you pulled that crap.

          1. I screen shotted this time.

            I can have another site up in an hours just to prove you are dishonest if you delete this too.

          2. Nobody deleted anything Bill. Please take your lies to the chat rooms where you can promote the stock. Doing it here gets you nowhere.

  14. I am concerned about this stock myself. Mainly because the have promised dividends and recently promised ‘a gift’ program. Giving gift shares from the CEO. That was last MAY. They collected important info from 4000 plus stock holders and have yet to deliver on promise.

    I want to file a lawsuit. But can’t get a response from any layers.

    Has anyone else gotten their ‘loyalty gift or promised dividend’?


  16. One more question here for Nanalyze. Who are you? Is your name Joe? How in the world do you expect anyone to consider you a credible source when you won’t even show your real name on the site other than “Joe”. Every stock analysis site worth reading has multiple analysts with professional credentials and the authors of their reports identify themselves in each article. You are anonymous n all of your posts, I’m sure your name isn’t Nanalyze. Do your readers a favor, identify yourself and post your credentials showing you are a qualified analyst not just some dude who insults good stock companies. You list a New York address, yet seem to be based in Idaho. None of your contact information includes the name of a real person to contact. Your about page says “some” articles are written by professionals, I haven’t been able to locate any of those, just ones that say “By Nanalyze” which is obviously you. So who are you and what are your qualifications as an analyst? I’m sure all of your readers would like to know if you even have any expertise in the field you are trying to pretend to be an expert in.

    1. Hi Arn,

      Thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed information. We’ve made our statement and our track record over the past decade speaks for itself. You may notice out of the nearly 900 articles on this site, only one is about CBIS.

      We are a team of writers and researchers here at Nanalyze that are well respected in the investment community. Some of us actually work day jobs in publicly traded firms and we need to exercise a certain amount of discretion at the moment. That’s set to change around year end based on the tremendous success we’ve had with our business so far, as we bring on more full-time staff.

      We’re always going to post under the brand name Nanalyze. It forces you to focus on the message, and not the author. The quality of writing speaks for itself. We’ll be getting some bios up later this year for our editors but for right now we’re busy trying to stay on top of all the incredible technologies that are leading mankind into the 4th industrial revolution.

      We’re sticking with just the facts on CBIS and hoping that the report we filed with the SEC results in a long overdue investigation.

  17. My compliments on the bold article. And thanks! I was going to invest a very modest amount in CBIS. I came across your article and was impressed with the boldness but not convinced. Did another google search on the past legal charge. It came out as authentic. Keep up the good work!

  18. I think most people who invest in penny stocks don’t invest with money they can’t afford to lose. It is always looked at as money that is supposed to be high risk high reward. Many of us know it often does not pay off. I bought 700 shares and only spent $60 with fees as of now it is worth about $74. If I lose it, I lose it, it is nowhere near a significant portion of my portfolio. If it hits, it hits and I’ll be happy. I’ve spent $60 in one week before on some really stupid crap so I won’t miss it but if it pays off and I make money I’ll be thrilled. Even if the price hits a dollar a share that’s a nice profit. Obviously I bought it with the hopes that it will go much higher than that but again I can lose it all and not care. I know the odds aren’t great but again most of us have lost more than that in a few hands of blackjack before. No one is risking it all on a stock like this and if they are they shouldn’t be investing in anything ever.

  19. true indeed, Cbis latest move confirms….just try to register on Icannabinoid and try to login next day…no recognition of account is my case…smells like fraud to me

  20. That son of a bitch Dabney, He been saying we are gonna have a black tie gala and give away bonus stock for investors who have stuck with the company like 5 times never happens, This little son of a bitch better hope I don’t cross paths with him

  21. So far it appears that Dabney is still alive and typing on iCannibanoid. And…. it appears the SEC hasn’t forbidden him…. yet. But, the CBIS shares are in limbo in some sort of Dutch exchange, so…. I suppose…. they are lost forever now. We will see. I may be wrong. We will see.

    1. It is mind blowing how things like this can be allowed to continue. Does the SEC have bigger fish to fry? People are getting fleeced yet nothing gets done.

  22. Look Raymond Dabney you’re in the cross- Hair.
    Because you Suck and scam you get it
    Damn reprobate.

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