An AI Stock in the Media Industry Called tronc

In our recent article about artificially intelligent (AI) robot writers, we talked about how media content is starting to be automatically generated using scripted methods that let you produce lots of content very easily. Here at Nanalyze, we love to write about technology in a way that is relevant to investors, straight forward, and doesn't pander to anyone. We typically don't cite authors on our articles because we believe the message is more important than the messenger (don’t shoot the messenger and all that). We also believe that someday in our lifetimes, the occupation of being a “writer” is going the way of the dodo because artificial intelligence (AI) will do a better job than human authors. At that point, you could either make up fake names for your authors or what will most likely happen is we’ll have different AI sages that are watched over by a human editor but that publish under a single brand name. Sure, you can say that “we’ll all still prefer the huma
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Intelligence that’s not artificial

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