The Mandela Effect and D-Wave Quantum Computers

October 7. 2016. 4 mins read

We’ve been writing a fair amount about all things quantum in the past few years, in particular, quantum computing. We spend a lot of time researching technology themes in hopes of finding the “next Microsoft” so to speak. While doing all this research, we sometimes comeacross emerging technologies that just make us nerd out hardcore. There really is no other way to describe it but if you get that same feeling we do when reading about the future potential of augmented reality, then you will understand exactly what we mean. We recently had one of these nerd out moments while researching D-Wave quantum computers and we just had to share our excitement with our lovely readers. We’re going to start out by introducing you to something that is borderline conspiracy theory but interesting nonetheless. It’s called the Mandela Effect and here’s how popular it has become recently:


What is The Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is named after Nelson Mandela who some people claim to have remembered as dying while in prison. He actually died in December of 2013. The idea here is that you can find tons of examples in our world of things that people remember differently from how they actually are. Remember growing up and reading about the BERNSTEIN BEARS? You remember that, right? Stop reading and think about that for 10 seconds. Ready? The Bernstein Bears never existed. It’s the “Bernstain Bears”, not the “Bernstein Bears”.  Ever watch Mr. Rodgers when you were growing up? Remember when he sang “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood”? He actually said, “It’s a beautiful day in THIS neighborhood”. These are just a few examples but you can find hundreds of them out there. The reason for this some say isn’t simply that everyone incorrectly remembered certain obscure details. The reason is much the same as the glitches in the matrix. The reason for the Mandela Effect is said to be (get ready for this) because we’re now starting to do some very strange things with D-Wave quantum computers.

What Does the Mandela Effect have to do with D-Wave Quantum Computers?

Quantum physics involves some very weird subject matter. We recently defined everything quantum for you so that you can better understand some of the terminologies in what is perhaps one of the most difficult domains out there to understand. We thought we’d seen it all until we recently watched an 18-minute lecture from 3 years ago given by the founder and Chief Technology Officer of D-Wave, Geordie Rose, who we can only assume is an extremely intelligent and level headed individual. He is credible, and so is his company, D-Wave which has attracted investments from Google, Goldman Sachs, Jeff Bezos, and renowned venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson. Mr. Jurvetson sits on the boards of Tesla, SpaceX, Synthetic Genomics, and D-Wave. With that said, this lecture started getting really weird, really fast with the below quote from someone who is considered to be one of the founders of quantum computing:


So we’re only 5 minutes into this talk and he has already started talking about parallel universes. The founder of D-Wave is actually saying with a straight face that we can start to exploit parallel universes by reaching into them and pulling out their computing power. Is that maybe the most incredible thing you’ve ever heard?

Quantum computing has its own version of Moore’s Law in that the number of qubits tends to double every year for the past 9 years. Here’s an analogy of just how much faster the 512-qubit quantum computer was when compared to the 128-qubit quantum computer :


Just a few weeks ago, D-Wave announced the availability of a 2000-qubit quantum computer. So this notion of being able to access parallel universes using D-Wave quantum computers really isn’t so far fetched. In fact, that might be exactly what the proponents of the Mandela Effect theory are saying is causing our brains to short circuit. In all actuality, that’s probably not the case but how cool is that to think about eh?

Where D-Wave Quantum Computers Will Take Us

So at the end of this talk, Mr. Rose goes on to talk a little about what we here at Nanalyze view as “technology that isn’t really technology”. Companies like Facebook and Twitter do absolutely nothing to move mankind forward and shouldn’t even be talked about in the same breath as serious technologies out there like quantum computing or nanotechnology. If your business model is based on 140 character messages, then it shouldn’t be that surprising to investors when your share price begins to tank. Here’s what Mr. Rose had to say about that:

We have a vast array of very smart people and what they are doing is crap. They are building things that cannot last. They are building things that are not important. As people get more comfortable working with computers, the attention will turn from the Twitters and the Facebooks to very important things.

He then goes on to make 3 predictions. The first is that by 2018, NASA will have found an Earth-like planet within 40 light-years of earth and we’ll start to have some serious discussions about how to get there. The second prediction is that by 2023 we’re going to have a major breakthrough in physics in the area of parallel universes. His third and final prediction is as follows:


Quantum computers aren’t new-fangled supercomputers. Quantum computers will allow us to access hidden dimensions in our universe that will give us more computing power than we could ever imagine possible. We didn’t just make that up. That’s taken directly from a speech given by the other founder of D-Wave, Eric Ladizinsky.


Now this could just all be a bunch of marketing tripe that never amounts to anything. On the other hand, this could be one of the most incredible steps mankind will ever take. We’ve already given you three ways to invest in D-Wave and we have to say that we’re starting to get very tempted to put a horse in this race and buy some D-Wave shares.


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  1. The whole idea that we are living in a simulation (which is another explanation for the Mandela effect) has been becoming mainstream lately. Elon Musk said that there is a 1 in a Billion chance that we are in “base reality”. That has to make some people raise their eyebrows. Bank of America (yes, BofA) said there is a 20 to 50 percent chance we live in a simulation. Could we live in any stranger times?


    Isn’t this what religion has believed all along? That in fact there is an all-knowing, all-present, being that is the conductor of the orchestra we call life?

    1. Thank you for the comment NeoTheory.

      The idea of “nested simulations” is fascinating. Elon Musk put the odds of us being in a “base reality” at 1 billion to 1 which means that he thinks we are in a nested simulation.

      When we perfect VR such that it is indistinguishable from reality (i.e. The Matrix) then that will be one reality away from “base reality” if in fact we are in “base reality”.

      The fact that most people don’t discuss fascinating topics such as this one but instead choose to discuss the utter tripe that dominates the media is a testament to the fact that as Hawking said, our species is most likely doomed.

      1. We are at a genesis in the field of quantum theories. So we have just begun again. I see it all around us. the computations are mind boggling to say the least. Sometimes i get dizziness for the speed everything is catching up to itself.If you can understand that its mind blowing and very interesting to think that everything may have happened many times over and over almost exactly the same . Except one small detail each time. that would be the wierdness you feel. It grows and builds like pages in a book . we just characters in this story. THE author still unrevelled!!!!

        1. It’s funny how the idea that we’re living in a simulation and the notion of God are both really to ways of saying the exact same thing. And on the 7th day, the simulation finished booting up.

    2. I love the computer simulation theory. Little correction though I believe the math is that it’s one in billions chance not one in a billion with the idea being that if even at least one species runs ancestral simulations they would run billions of them at the same time which makes the chances of us NOT being one of those simulations lower than then us being in the base reality. I could be 100 percent wrong though

      1. This stuff is MIND BLOWING yet as as society we seem content discussing what lipstick Kylie Jenner is wearing. No wonder aliens won’t talk to us.

  2. CERN merged parallel universes.
    i come from a timeline where the northpole was a solid and massive icecap, there was NO so called “northern ocean”!
    Svalbard didn`t exist, Narwhals were extinct,South America was 1000km more to the west, Australia 1000km to the south.
    Japan was at least 750km to the south, Korea was in a compeltly different place and NEVER had a border with Russia!
    Pangea happened a billion years ago.
    We had no “blood trees” and a gazillion other specilaites this new timeline has to offer…
    i recommend the channel “origins explained” on youtube…i am living in a twilight zone here lol.
    Only thing missing are unicorns, well we have unicorn whales now, so let`s wait for the next LHC collision…
    cheers from germany

    1. you want to know about the reality you perceive, look into quantum computation…
      funny enough it was a MYTH in my timeline still… only wondered about…
      go figure..
      i morphed to a higher parallel universe.
      most likely THIS timeline is responsible for all those so called “mandela effecters”…
      but as in every timeline the govt is keeping it under a wrap and flooding you guys with predictive programming as with the “stranger things” show…which depicts all this parallel universe stuff, only for you numbnuts to even randomly think about it.
      99%of all geograhics here don?r match, neither does the general history of men.

      1. Thanks for the comments being from another universe. As soon as someone tells us how to make money off of the Mandela Effect, we’re going to go all in.

        1. Nanalyze,

          I’ve been looking into the Mandela effect phenomenon and though initially skeptical and amused, as in a dejavu sort of vibe, I am now in full scale research mode, as this goes way beyond book title differences and logo changes. Essentially what I am finding is that no matter what a person’s background, if given an hour to explain my findings, no one has left unconvinced. I have spoken with around 25 people now, including a double PhD, an MD, a nurse, two teachers and people from England, Australia and the U.S. and have found that there is a universal pattern here which goes beyond mere misremembering. I am now of the opinion that parallel dimensions exist and that the reality we currently find ourselves sharing is a convergence of timelines.

          I am in the process of compiling my findings into a spreadsheet with as many image and video references as possible. One stunning finding is that both cosmologist Carl Sagan and astrophysicist Neil Degrasse Tyson are on record stating that our solar system resides on the Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way, yet in actuality in this current timeline our solar system is located on the Orion spur of the Milky Way much closer to galactic center, This is a 50,000 light year difference and a stunning Mandela effect with video evidence here:
          Neil Degrasse Tyson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-0mLH6rx78
          Carl Sagan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcnV2wu99mw

          This is merely the tip of the iceberg and this rabbit hole goes very deep. One other amazing ME is 23 out of 25 people remember the Statue of Liberty being installed on Ellis Island (as do I) and we all recall the statue having a square concrete base only, In this current timeline we find that the Statue was installed on Liberty Island, which 23 out of 25 educated people, including some who recently visited the Statue, say never existed. None of them recognized the star base either, despite it being prominently featured in many famous films. For us, the Statue always stood on Ellis Island where the immigrants would land to be processed.

          I have too many to list here, including Mongolia was not a country in our timelines (and I’ve been to China twice), even two nurses who remember (as I do) human anatomy on another timeline (where several internal organs like the kidneys, liver and stomach were in the abdomen). If you know anyone with any scientific and/or medical background that is willing to look into this with me I would be happy to talk to open minded individuals that are not purposefully looking to demean or debunk without proper investigation. Thank you for your time and consideration.

          Josh Leiby

          1. Josh,

            Thank you kindly for such a detailed comment about what it surely a fascinating topic to research. Whether you believe it’s possible or not, whether you attribute the phenomenon to the human mind or to the CERN scientists playing around, it’s just really interesting stuff.

            We mentioned this here on Nanalyze in the context of quantum computing, in particular, the comments made by some of the senior leadership at D-Wave. Essentially the founder of D-Wave says with a straight face that we can start to pull computing power from parallel universes. That’s amazing stuff to discuss.

            We’re not aware of any solid research going into this aside from what we noted in the article and what you have mentioned. We’re happy you made this comment and hope that it directs other like minded people to you so that this can be further researched without the theory being demeaned or belittled.

        2. Thank you for your kind response regarding this dimensional convergence.. Sadly the scientific community is missing the boat, NOT of the century, but of the entire history of humanity. I find it pathetic really that no one is even discussing this in mainstream circles, I suppose if a divergent timeline where say dinosaurs never died out (as Michio Kaku is always halfheartedly joking about) converged with ours, they would be just as silent. Maybe they would explain it away as a genetic experiment gone wrong. Theoretical physicists are actually either aware of these anomalies and staying mum for fear of ostricization and ridicule, or sadly uninformed and too isolated in their dungeons of thought to notice. My consolation is that A.I. will one day mine all data on the internet, see this comment and say, that guy really got it!

          1. This stuff gets really tricky though because the human mind has issues it can’t see.

            We’re only now beginning to be able to write long-term brain memories on chips (see below VERY interesting company)


            Once we can do that, then we can compare what’s on those chips with what we observe. That should be the ultimate indicator if things are changing and we’re not noticing it… or if we’re altering our own memories somehow.

    2. I remember the Svaldad doomsday seed vault not Svalbard.
      How about rainbow mountains and rainbow trees.
      Gulf of Aden,umm I remember Gulf of Adren.
      Peugeot cars uhhh Peugot cars
      Actually I remember everything.

  3. Yes i to remember quantum computation being only therorized and speculated as one day…. now to learn they have been operational since 2010? DefinEtly the culprit to this phenomenon 33years old only to learn about all these very unique animals and BLEEDING TREES… Sea unicorns with no north pole? To much to notice to be ignored anymore…. 6 peolpe with jfk nope i 100% remember four i re member a weak theory that the driver shot jfk he turned around and stretched his arm back… some one made a vid and zoomed in and went frame by frame to show that the driver had no gun… not only can i no longer find the video but that is very impossible with the double windshield and six people…. seems a coincidence that the ME was coined in 2010 and the first D WAVE went online in 2010 as the computations have been getting more powerful so to seems to be the intensity of the ME’s…. My theory is that the d wave is computing by pulling timelines together by being 1 and 0 at the same time…. as it does this it creates like a time feedback causing time distortion we seem to be not in one timeline or the other but a fuzzy mixture of both like being stuck between two radio stations…. movie quotes have been changed but the parodys and expressions remain like an time residue…. my prediction the d wave2 is on the horizon as it becomes operational be prepared and watch for more intense ME’s ones of wich will be undeniable to those who have shifted…

    That is my 2cent hunch thank you

    1. The theory is more interesting than anything. Let’s just remember that the human mind is so easily tricked.

      1. people who downplay the mandela effect are in my opinion, afraid. I’m always investigating this topic and for me the evidence is more than enough, from jfk I remember 4 people, the north pole had ice caps, the shape of Mongolia and China is very different from what I learned in school, movie star names have changed, I remember Dan Ackroyd not aykroyd, Shannon Doherty e.t.c.the human body the kidneys are way off. Creators of the d wave are playing God with us, I mean you can shift timeslines and find some other relatives dead or maybe the ones that were dead are now alive and the worst part is you wouldn’t even know it because you carry that timelines memory.

        1. This stuff is purely fascinating to discuss, regardless of which side you sit. The best scientific explanation we saw had to do with the imperfections of the human brain which frankly is a pretty credible one. We’re on the fence but love discussing it!

  4. The human mind is easily tricked huh? Yeah especially when being shifted between parallel universe’s. You people that try to downplay the mandela effect as just a theory is hilarious, it’s obvious to those of us that are aware what is happening this isn’t an optical illusion, although if our reality is just a computer program, mabey it is. However I feel that our friends at Cern have idea about what causing this mandela effect.

  5. its nothing to do with space because space is a made up theory, its science fiction.
    we are on a prison world for our minds the parasite beings who call themselves gods are feeding off our negative and positive emotions just like a circuit board, we are personified negative and positive.
    the mandela effect is because variables are being changed in the system and only certain minds see the actual picture and the memory isn’t effected by these changes, and do not keep relying on NASA, everything you are and were taught is a lie even the history of the wars and the assassinations of presidents too, there is no space, we live in a water world and we just see the liquid but the liquid is actually the medium for unwritten programs and information, everything perceived by our 5 senses makes itself real because its all about the perception

  6. What if it is just a “computer test” to see how effective the D-Wave computers are? So much is digital now, don’t you think it would be a good test to see how quickly or effectively the computers work if you tell it to do something silly like change one word in a song or movie? Maybe that is the reason new effects keep popping up? More tests are being done in basically harmless ways? I hope it is harmless anyway. Other than making people think they are losing their minds/memories. I am not saying that they won’t eventually be able to access parallel universes or timelines etc. but maybe they aren’t quite there yet? This stuff is so fascinating, I can’t keep from thinking about it and wondering “What’s next?” My interest in all of this started back in 2002 when I read a book about nanotechnology. That led to an interest in science I had never really had before and eventually Quantum Physics and Cosmology/astrophysics. Most of it is over my head but I still read/watch everything I come across by Brian Greene, CERN, Quantum Entanglement etc. To most people I try to talk to about it all, it sounds like science fiction. They don’t want to believe it’s actual scientific theory. I am still wondering, however, if Eric Drexler was right all along about his Grey Goo theory. 🙂

    1. Right there with you Melissa. This stuff is SO FASCINATING yet people seem to be oblivious to it. We also came across this in the early 2000s when we started Nanalyze solely around nanotechnology. I think it was “Engines of Creation” that was our first intro. Grey goo theory is crazy eh? Glad to have you reading and commenting.

      As for Mandela effect, we’re skeptics! We don’t understand the brain that well so it’s not a surprise that there are “glitches” in the brain that we attribute to far fetched theories like this one. Still, we love discussing it ad hearing people’s opinions!

  7. I’m an absolute newbie to the idea of quantum computing and this concept has UTTERLY blown my mind. It’s also very frustrating to me that nobody seems to be talking about it in mainstream media.. I’ve actually tried holding discussions about it, but usually to no avail. The simple-mindedness of the masses is so incredibly disappointing. If (when) the theory of quantum computation and the Mandela Effect is proven, it would be the most important advancement of the human race. Period. Nothing else even comes close. But let’s talk about Beyonce’s maternity photos.. If given the opportunity to leave this planet, I’d eagerly board a vessel that has no rear-view mirror.

    1. We share your frustrations and that’s one of the reasons Nanalyze is becoming so popular. Even Tech Crunch is ruined now and has turned into a political commentary site. Pretty sure they covered Beyoncé’s baby pictures as well. (rolls eyes). We all know why aliens haven’t made contact with us. Who would want to?

      Thank you for your comment and we’re glad to have people like you getting involved in discussing these amazing topics.

  8. This is the biggest hype since the Forbes & Fortune Internet craze just before the bubble burst. I still remember the bar in the San Jose Hilton before and after. After is not the memory anyone wants. Get some real Physists to write your articles and have a drink at the Hilton if it is still in business

    1. If you’re referring to the Mandela Effect, most people find that to be utter nonsense or the most amazing thing they ever heard of. We find it neither, simply an intriguing thought. Just to be clear, the hype you are referring to is that of quantum computing? If that is the case, then that is a pretty tough claim to make. Here’s an article we just did on how the big-4 in tech are progressing:


      You won’t find us drinking in the Hilton. Too overpriced.

  9. The Mandela effect is no joke. Words are being changed in the Bible, movies, popular speech. Historical events may be being changed as well. Look up the Black Tom Island Explosion if you have never heard of it…and tell me why NO history text published before 2013 refers to it. Its real…and there must be a cause. It has to Quantum Computing. Everyone is so excited about it…but no one knows what Quantum Computers are REALLY capable of. Could they change reality? Why couldn’t they?

    1. It’s easy to cherry-pick examples but we ought to stick with Occam’s Razor which proposes that the simplest solution is most likely the right one. At least that’s what we recall it saying. If Occam’s Razor changes, we’re all in trouble.

  10. A fascinating discussion….but without discounting it, can’t the Mandela effect be considered as a small glitch in one’s memory? Obviously, each human being has stored in his brain the souvenirs of his own environment, culture and major points of interest and similarly, these memories have been churned sorted out, some discarded, some “engraved in marble” and some modified. Can’t the modifications be the result of one’s own perception and significance? As a French guy I had never heard about the “Bernstein” or the “Beranstein” series for that matter and even right now, I am not even sure of the spelling.. as for the Statue of Liberty and the mix up with Ellis Island, it makes sense to me to locate the former on the latter because the significance of the landing base for the immigrant (and the symbol of freedom it represents) makes this “Mandela effect” quite predictable and, to me, not really strange.
    Certainly this argument is much too weak to disqualify the Mandela Effect but way to flimsy to make an argument for it!

    1. Thanks for the comment Roger. It is absolutely fascinating!

      Yes, you are correct. The most credible scientific explanation is just what you said. We all collectively have glitches in our brains that lead the majority of us in a particular direction.

  11. Once a particle is measured or “read” it no longer is predictable. What are we doing messing with the fabric of reality before we know the consequences?