Illumina Stock Price Says Buy Me Now!

Illumina stock (NASDAQ:ILMN) represents a picks and shovels play on some of the most exciting disruptive technologies we discuss here on Nanalyze like genetic testing, synthetic biology, gene editing, and pretty much each and every technology theme that involves analyzing genes. That isn't even the most compelling reason to want to invest in Illumina. We've talked before about their exciting venture called Helix which will be the world’s largest next-generation sequencing lab and which will serve as a neutral platform for other companies to build applications on. We also talked about their other venture called Grail, a universal blood test to identify early-stage cancers in people with no symptoms of the disease. If ILMN can't eek some organic growth from either of those ventures, maybe they can go dip into the $1.3 billion in cash they have on hand to make some acquisitions. There is a lot to like about Illumina stock from where we sit. So why is the U.S. market opening short
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