GE – The Industrial Internet of Things Company

We all know about the promise of the "Internet of Things" or IoT which is the vision of every object around us being connected to "the cloud", from our cars to our phones to our homes. That notion makes sense until we came across the term "Industrial Internet of Things" or IIoT which is presumably IoT applied to industry. It's actually far more interesting than that and it all starts with the term "Industrial Internet" which was coined by a well known American company called General Electric (NYSE:GE). The last thing we remember about GE is their stock price getting the isht kicked out of it in 2008 because of their exposure to the finance sector. Fast forward to today and it turns out that GE may be the most compelling investment there is today in the IoT or IIoT space. Here's why.
What is the Industrial Internet?
The "Industrial Internet" is a term coined by GE and it can be best described as the third wave of innovation. The first wave was the industrial revolution which was a perio...

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