A Cancer Genetics IPO From Accelerated Pharma

When we talk about cancer genetics, there are a lot of directions we can take so we need to define this broad topic. Firstly, it's important to understand that cancer itself is a genetic disorder. What happens with cancer is that certain genetic mutations cause cells to start replicating uncontrollably resulting in tumors. How do these genetic mutations happen? Well, they are either inherited or acquired. How can we address prevention and treatment using genetics? There is a multitude of ways. One way would be to use gene editing to remove the "inherited" genetic defects that cause cancer. That's the ultimate form of prevention. Make that isht extinct. But what about genetic mutations that you acquire from doing things like smoking or boozing too much? There's always healthy living, but we hardly want to tiptoe through our lives just to arrive safely at death's door. In order to visualize the ultimate end state of cancer genetics, we need to take a page out of science fiction. We c
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