BUZZ Indexes Enables the First ETF Built Using AI

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data to the investing process is an exciting one, and up until now this application has been limited to only the most sophisticated institutional investors. One of our readers recently informed us about a company called BUZZ Indexes that takes all the big data being generated by social media, interprets that data using AI, and then uses it as a momentum factor to determine which stocks are most likely to outperform their peers. While we generally look at social media as a time wasting black hole as opposed to a legitimate technological advancement, we're genuinely interested in learning more about this new investment product that allows any retail investor to get in the game. The way an ETF works is that you have an index provider who tracks a basket of stocks and then an ETF provider who then tracks that index and turns it into a tradable investment vehicle. In this case, a Canadian company called BUZZ Indexes has built an ind
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