A Nanotechnology IPO From Selecta Biosciences

Nanotechnology was all the rage back in 2004 when George Dubya Bush signed the Nanotechnology Research and Development Act and investors caught wind of a potential opportunity. This, of course, prompted us to start Nanalyze as we were dying to figure out how we could get a piece of that nano action as retail investors. The problem was that nanotechnology went nowhere fast. In the words of the much talked about lately Peter Thiel, “‘We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.‘” This couldn’t be better expressed than by looking at the below chart from Google Trends:


The truth is that nanotechnology hasn’t gone away at all. Nanotechnology has taken on new names such as “synthetic biology” or “graphene” or “gene editing”. Scientists are now building little biological machines that do what we tell them to do. Isn’t that what nanotechnology promised us? Little machines that would do what we programmed them to? While social media may have distracted the masses momentarily, nanotechnology continues to show promises of changing the world, and just last week we saw a

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