Angle – A Liquid Biopsy Stock on Sale After Brexit

Everyone’s probably had a chance to digest the recent black swan event which saw Britain leave the EU and while that may have rocked world markets, it also makes UK assets more affordable due to the falling pound. We’ve talked before about liquid biopsy cancer tests which are essentially just ways to detect cancer in blood or urine. Since that article, our Nanalyze Liquid Biopsy Stocks motif is down -19%. If you’ve never used Motif Investing, you should start to. It allows you to buy baskets of stocks for just $9.95 a trade and you can sign up with no deposit needed. Our Nanalyze Liquid Biopsy Stocks motif is a basket of six stocks that give you exposure to liquid biopsy technology. Just recently we came across another liquid biopsy stock which is traded in British pounds so it’s now on sale for U.S. investors who make up the majority of our audience.



With a market cap of just over $60 million USD, ANGLE plc (LON:AGL) is a publicly-traded company on the London Stock exchange which is a pure-play on liquid biopsies or more simply stated, blood tests that can detect cancer. In order to analyze cancer cells, doctors have traditionally cut out a portion of the tumor which is known as a biopsy. Instead of having to resort to invasive surgery, doctors can now use Angle’s lead product, the P

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