2 Anti Drone Technology Stocks

June 24. 2016. 4 mins read

Whenever you hear that strange whirring sound in the sky and look up to see a drone, you will inevitably start looking around to see who is flying it. It’s strange to know that someone who you don’t know might be watching you. Even animals have been found to experience discomfort when buzzed by drones. With drones being so commonplace now, the topic of “anti-drone technology” has come up. We had some of our on-staff PHDs study this for a while and they came up with a remarkable “anti-drone technology” that’s readily available (in the States),  effective, and cheap.


One problem with this solution is that the effective range of your typical shotgun is about 45 yards. Drones can fly much higher than, that but if they were to be used as a weapon, they’d have to fly low at which point your average skeet enthusiast should be able to blow them out of the sky quite easily. There are other solutions available like an anti-drone bazooka called the SkyWall 100 that was used to protect participants in the recent Boston marathon from terrorists with drones and evil intentions. Like these guys.

ISIS_DronesThe anti drone bazooka is pretty much just a large net gun with a range of about 100 yards. It’s hilarious to watch in action, and when you think about it, the method that they are using is about as primitive as a shotgun. In looking at what’s out there in the field of anti-drone technology, we actually found

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