You Can’t Invest in Artificial Intelligence Yet

February 14. 2016. 3 mins read

If you aren’t up to speed on artificial intelligence (AI) yet, start here for a simple explanation of the technology. AI is immensely powerful and consequently it is a controversial topic. Steven Hawking has warned that AI “could spell the end of the human race”. Even iconic technology futurist Elon Musk warns against AI claiming that is represents the “biggest existential threat” to humanity that we know of. Predictions abound over how many jobs AI will inevitably steal, and perhaps the most ambitious estimate we’ve seen was in an article by the Guardian yesterday.

According to technology expert Mosh Vardehalf the world’s population will be out of a job in the next 30 years with the middle class being completely wiped out. While once thought to be utopian scenario, the idea of a society where everyone just sits around enjoying “leisure time” is starting to sound scary. Just how many years will it be before Nanalyze is just an AI machine which cranks out interesting articles about investing in disruptive technology and OTC scams stocks?

One way to start hedging against the notion that our future progeny may not have access to gainful employment is to invest in the very same technology that will eventually render them jobless. We came across an article by TechCrunch yesterday titled “

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