Illumina Funded Helix Stores Your DNA in The Cloud

February 21. 2016. 3 mins read

Illumina (NASDAQ:ILMN) sequencing machines have opened the door for genomics unlike any other company today. Investors who bought shares of ILMN 10 years ago would have enjoyed a share price appreciation so far of over +1100%. With the stock price down -37% from their all-time high of $242 per share seen in mid-2015, it may make sense to start accumulating a position in this $22 billion company as a “picks and shovels” play on genomics. With all the success they’ve seen so far, Illumina isn’t just sitting on their laurels. They’re also investing in startups like the $100 million venture called Grail which is developing a liquid biopsy for cancer testing. One other interesting startup we came across while researching our new position in Illumina is Helix.

About Helix

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Founded in August of 2015, Helix has financing commitments in excess of $100 million from Illumina, Warburg Pincus, and Sutter Hill Ventures. Illumina wants to have a strong say on the direction of this startup with Jay Flatley, CEO of Illumina, serving as Chairman of the Board. Helix plans to build one of the world’s largest next-generation sequencing labs which will serve as a neutral platfo

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