Cognex Machine Vision – Bionic Eyes for Robots

If robots are going to start stealing everyone's jobs then we want a piece of all those cost savings. We've talked about some exciting opportunities for investing in robotic startups, but there also seems to be quite a varied selection of publicly traded robot-related stocks for retail investors. There's even the Robo Global Robotics & Automation ETF (NASDAQ: ROBO) which has 85 different constituents, though some of these stocks like 3D Systems, Arcam, Stratasys, Parrot, and Mobileye seem like questionable plays on robotics.

Stratasys, Arcam, and 3D Systems are all 3D printing stocks though you could use them to print a robot we suppose. Mobileye is a play on driverless cars. Parrot is a play on drones. Are driverless cars robots? Is a drone a robot? You probably could make an argument that both driverless cars and drones are robots but we're going to call them what they are. Driverless cars and drones. When looking for investment opportunities in robotics, we're looking for robot...

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