Adesto Technologies IPO Targets Internet of Things

A few years back we wrote about Adesto Technologies, a company developing a superior form of RAM memory called "conductive bridging RAM" (CBRAM) to target the non-volatile memory market. One way to get some exposure to Adesto was through owning Harris and Harris Group (NASDAQ:TINY) which has been a significant investor in Adesto to date. In a later article, we speculated that TINY's "steadily increasing valuation of Adesto is a positive sign for this late stage investment which could be looking for an exit via acquisition or IPO". Shareholders of TINY will be happy to hear that just a few days ago, Adesto announced a proposed IPO. Adesto offers the world’s lowest power memory solutions which they say will enable previously unimagined devices. Their Mavriq™ memory, built on CBRAM technology, enables 10-100 times less energy consumption than today’s leading memory technologies without sacrificing performance and reliability which they say is a perfect fit for Internet-of
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