3D Graphtech: Another 3D Printing Graphene Company

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3D printing has the potential for very high growth in the coming years. Graphene is an amazing material that has many potential disruptive applications. Combine the two and you get 3DG; 3D Printing using graphene.

Graphene 3D Labs, a company with several patent applications and $1.3 million in cash has managed to increase their share price by over 100% in 5 days by touting their work in the area of 3DG. It’s difficult to say what their patent applications are even about since they have yet to appear in the USPTO patent application database, but there is nothing at all that shows this company merits their current $75 million valuation. One Australian company is looking to follow suit by partnering with a graphite miner, announcing the establishment of a 3D printing graphene company,  and intends to begin trading on the ASX through a reverse merger.

About 3D Group

3D Group was founded by entrepreneur John Condi, currently Managing Director of an Australian medical imaging company called Capitol Health. The “About Us ” page on the company website contains no other information about who leads the company. In July of this year, 3D Group unveiled a 1.8-cubic meter 3D printer which was featured at the ‘Inside 3D Printing’ expo in Melbourne.


Like Tinkerine, 3D Group has ambitious plans to supply 3D printers, manufactured in Melbourne, to every primary school in Australia. 3D Group also formed a subsidiary called 3D Graphtech Industries, a jointly owned venture with graphite miner Kibaran Resources which intends to research and develop graphite and graphene applications for 3D printing. 3D Graphtech will source its graphite exclusively from Kibaran’s Tanzanian graphite mine. A reverse merger is expected to be finalized in December of this year in which Oz Brewing (ASX:OZB) will acquire 3D Group for over 1.4 billion shares, along with 750 million options, and 3D Group will begin trading on the ASX exchange.


Stratasys announced this year a partnership with Graphene Technologies to develop graphene-enhanced 3D printing. Stratasys is the biggest pure-play 3D printing company in the world with $577 million in cash, 1,900 employees, and over 550 granted or pending additive manufacturing patents globally. Speculators, aided by glowing media reports no doubt, will most likely drive shares of 3D Group (ASX:OZB) skyward should the reverse merger take place. However, it is highly unlikely that any company with a fraction of the resources available to them as Stratasys has, can win “the race” to develop graphene-enhanced 3D printing materials. This, of course, assumes that graphene is at a stage of development in which commercial applications for 3D printing can actually be brought to fruition.


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  1. I have enjoyed the last 2 articles on Graphene 3d labs. Scepticism is healthy specially when the claims are high and the market reaction a little too eager. Could it be that it takes time for the patents to appear?
    The bird’s eye view is that there is a clear move towards commercialization that began with the Graphene super market website, there is a professional track record…First Canadian Capital has them listed as a client they are promoting to institutional investors.

    Today she was presenting at Euro Pacific in NYC organized by Peter Schiff…. If it’s just a big joke with no substance then a lot of people’s reputation would be tarnished. The extent of they have is yet to be seen…I am very in a balanced perspective… As far as can a small group beat a big company, yes it happens all the time specially when it comes to breaking new ground.