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March 2. 2014. 2 mins read
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The first incandescent bulb was introduced in 1835, and over the past 179 years, has grown to over 32 billion Edison sockets in use around the world. Everyone reading this article has presumably changed a light bulb in their lifetime, but the need to frequently change light bulbs may be a thing of the past with the new long-lasting, efficient LED light bulb from Switch Lighting.

About SWITCH Lighting

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Founded in 2007, San Jose California based SWITCH Lighting is backed by VantagePoint Capital Partners. SWITCH currently sells LED light bulbs into both retail and commercial channels in North America and last year announced an import, distribution, and sales partnership with Canon Marketing Japan. Japan is currently the largest LED market in the world.

Switch Infinia LED Bulbs

SWITCH LED bulbs are the first liquid-cooled lighting product to be UL-approved. SWITCH’s LQD Cooling System™ is an innovative blend of two proprietary technologies: a cooling liquid that bathes the LEDs inside the bulb, and a patented driver that is both reliable and highly efficient. This technology allows the SWITCH bulbs to tolerate the heat required to get to 2,700K which is around the color temperature of an incandescent bulb.

The resulting product offerings by SWITCH include the SWITCH60 ($13.97), SWITCH75 ($39.97), and SWITCH100 ($49.97), all of which are offered in both clear and frosted. Additional bulbs include the SWITCH40 and the SWITCH3-WAY. All of these bulbs screw into any standard socket and maintain the look and shape of traditional light bulbs:

The Switch 60 for $13.97

In comparison to an incandescent bulb which lasts approximately 1,000 hours, these bulbs last at least 25,000 hours apiece at an estimated lifetime of 22.5 years. LED bulbs don’t actually burn out, they just begin to grow dimmer towards the end of their lifetimes. SWITCH LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs with a clear SWITCH60 using 12 watts compared to a 60-watt incandescent, and the 100-watt equivalent using just 21 watts. This is estimated to save at least $130 in energy costs over the lifetime of each bulb. The SWITCH bulb is also made of materials that are reclaimable or recyclable and are durable being able to withstand a minimum drop of 3 feet onto a hardwood floor. The bulbs are also designed to withstand damp conditions, and are intended to operate between – 4°F and 113°F. SWITCH’s self-cooling technology is not dependent on a particular manufacturer’s LED chip, which means that SWITCH can continue to use the highest quality LEDs available. The Company offers a 3-year warranty on all of their products to the commercial user and a lifetime warranty for residential use.


In the USA, the SWITCH LED bulbs can be found at commercial distributors, lighting showrooms, and numerous retailers, including nearly 500 Batteries Plus Bulbs stores nationwide. While retail investors may not be able to invest in this privately held company, anyone who pays a monthly electricity bill may look to generate some cost savings with the Switch Infinia LED light bulbs.


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  1. It’s interesting to note that Cree offers a much longer warranty, but the cooling nature of these bulbs may well help them to retain their longevity at least as well as other LED bulbs, if not better. Only time will tell. If they can create a BR style bulb for recessed lighting, they could eliminate the need for buying LED downlights (which include the trim for a recessed light); these are needed with insulated ceilings because of the heat created (kills a traditional BR LED more quickly). So a cooled BR bulb might work in that situation and create a cheaper option for converting insulated cans.

  2. Hi Steve,

    If the residential warranty is lifetime and the commercial is 3 years this disconnect in the length of warranty seems strange since it is the same product. At a projected lifetime of 22.5 years, does the length of warranty matter that much to users? As you said, we’ll see just how well the product stands up to the claims as time goes on. Regarding a BR bulb, there’s a company called iLUX which makes a BR bulb at competitive prices:

    Note that this bulb has a claimed lifetime of 50,000 hours which is twice that of the Switch bulbs! I will make it a point to look into the company iLUX as they seem to be offering similar LED bulb products at the same price points as Switch.