Waterproof Your Phone with Europlasma Nanocoating

In an article last year we highlighted a company called P2i which is looking to commercialize nanocoating technologies developed by the UK Ministry of Defense. P2i had some impressive demos showing their hydrophobic technology used on smart phones which would allow them to function while submersed in water. Another nano coatings company with a nanocoating technology platform used at an industrial scale since 1996 is Europlasma.


Belgium based Europlasma designs, builds and sells turnkey vacuum plasma treatment equipment and launched their nanocoating technology under the Nanofics brand name in 2011. Nanofics nanocoatings are non-toxic, invisible, and undetectable to touch. The coatings are hydrophobic and oleophobic, liquid chemical solutions that can be implemented into the manufacturing line during component production as a dip, spray or aerosol without the need of costly machinery. Europlasma manufacturers a series of Nanofics machines that can apply Europlasma coatings in order to waterproof electronic devices including the Junior, the CD400, the CD600, and the CD1000 with plasma chamber volumes ranging from 50 to 500 liters. Electronics devices treated with these machines can be submersed under three feet of water for up to 30 minutes while fully functioning.

The company licenses their hydrophobic nanocoating technology through various partners around the globe. Europlasma partners include Geckodry in South-Korea, Nanolix in Germany, Drisure in the UK, and Aquacoat in Berut and Dubai. Chinese partner Hydrowarriors  is growing rapidly with the installation of fifteen coating centers in main Chinese cities. Recently announced partner DryWired is licensed to distribute Europlasma products in over 50 countries around the world, including Latin America, Middle East, Africa, India, and Russia. DryWired offers a Nebula Junior machine which can accommodate approximately 5 smartphones per cycle at full capacity which process time cycles taking under 45 minutes:

Source: DryWired Website

Source: DryWired Website

According to an article published today on AzoNano, steep growth in demand for Nanofics systems to waterproof electronic devices has resulted in Europlasma turnover more than tripling over the past two years from $4 million to $13.6 million EUR on an annual basis, with a healthy EBITDA of $3.4 million. The company’s approach is unique in that they license their technology to various partners who then each take their own approach to market the technology which best suits the target country or countries. Europlasma seems well ahead of competition at this point with this unique “intel inside” approach which allows them to focus on further developing their proven nanocoating platform without having to worry about marketing and distribution.

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