Nanotherapeutics – Nanotechnology and Homeland Defense

November 6. 2013. 2 mins read
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In previous articles, we have discussed the potential of nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery systems such as those offered by Nanoviricides and Bind Therapeutics. One private company funded by the United States Department of Defense (USDOD), Nanotherapeutics,  is targeting a broad range of unique applications with their nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery systems.

About Nanotherapeutics

Little information seems to be available about privately held Florida company Nanotherapeutics and this may be due in part to the fact that they are working on some truly unique applications for the USDOD. Founded in 1999, Nanotherapeutics landed a massive Department of Defense contract in March of this year that could be worth as much as $360 million over 10 years to develop manufacturing processes for drugs to treat bioterrorism and radiological threats. The base contract was for $135.8 million and two years with options up to 10 years and $358.9 million. Just last month, the company held a groundbreaking ceremony for a 165,000 square foot manufacturing and development center located on a 30-acre campus. The purpose of this development center is to enable faster and more effective development of medical countermeasures designed to protect military populations against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear attacks and genetically engineered infectious diseases.

Technology and Products

The company uses a nanometer-scale particle technology to make new drugs and to make existing drugs more effective, including oral, inhaled and injectable drugs, and topical gels and creams. The company is working on some truly unique and varied applications of their technology with a very impressive pipeline:
Their NanoDOX Hydrogel is a topical gel used to treat wounds sustained by soldiers which are often traumatic and can come apart after surgery (dehiscence). The associated mortality for dehiscence can range from 14% to 50%. The USDOD is funding clinical trials for this drug. Their NanoDTPA drug is a novel, oral swallowed capsule formulation that is being developed for the treatment of radionucleotide exposure which can occur after exposure to a “dirty bomb”. In a similar fashion, their Radiogardase insoluble capsules protect exposure to the second most frequently intercepted radiological material, Cs-137, which could be used to create a “dirty bomb” Their PRX-3140 drug is in Phase 2 clinical trials and aims to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorders in soldiers. The Company is also developing an inhaled version of the injectable antiviral drug, cidofovir,for the  treatment of the bioterrorism agent smallpox and has also published research which shows promise for a new oral HIV vaccine.
Even though biotech IPOs have been prevalent through 2013, the close relationship Nanotherapeutics has with the USDOD may prevent them from looking to a liquidity event anytime soon due to reasons of “national security”. Nonetheless, the broad and unique applications of their drug delivery technology are quite interesting and the company merits further watching.

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