Ecotricity Has a Truly Green Focus

November 14. 2013. 2 mins read
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Most private companies involved in disruptive technology are backed by venture capital firms and therefore looking for an exit strategy so their founding investors can realize a return on investment. Publicly traded companies in the same fashion, seek to maximize shareholder value as their primary focus. Some companies, however, seek to truly better the world we live in by putting the environment first as their mission. One such company is Ecotricity.

About Ecotricity

Founded in 1995 as the world’s first green energy company, Ecotricity is a ‘not-for-dividend’ enterprise that, on average, invests more per customer in building new sources of green electricity than any other energy company in Britain. With no shareholders to answer to, Ecotricity is free to dedicate themselves to the task of building new sources of Green Energy or “bills to mills” as they put it. The Company’s mission is to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain as conventional electricity is responsible for 30% of Britain’s carbon emissions. Now powering nearly 80,000 homes and businesses from its growing fleet of wind and sun parks, the Company is now the UK’s 39th most desirable brand according to Marketing Week.


Anyone in the UK can power their home with electricity from Ecotricity no matter where they live at a cost that is a few pounds cheaper than the Big Six standard tariffs in the UK. Not only that but Ecotricity recently declared a rate freeze until at least the New Year, responding to moves by the 6 biggest UK energy companies to raise fares by up to 10%. 80% of carbon emissions in the UK is coming from energy, transport and food, Ecotricity is looking to address all three. From wind-powered transport, with their Nemesis, Ion Horse and Greenbird initiatives to new technology for generating Energy such as the Urbine and the Snapper, this company is truly attempting to make an impact on carbon emissions in the UK.


Ecotricity is currently offering “green bonds” with an annual rate of interest at 7.5% for Ecotricity customers and 7% for non-customers. While Ecotricity may not be looking for an exit, these bonds may present investors with above-average yields while at the same time providing assurance that the money is being put to good use.


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