From Ceramics to Nanotechnology (CTLE)

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When evaluating the potential of disruptive technologies, it is equally important to caution investors as to what they may not want to invest in as it is to make them aware of potential opportunities they may want to invest in. In a previous article titled “The Dangers of Investing in Over The Counter (OTC) Stocks“, we provided a number of examples where companies used the word nanotechnology to promote themselves and consequently lost investors all their money. Several days ago an article was published on Azonano about a company called Nano Labs which “has replaced 40% of gasoline with water and nanotechnology”.

About NanoLabs

Colorado Ceramic Tile Inc. (OTCBB:CTLE) is a company which in 2012 reorganized to change its name to Nano Labs appointing Bernardo Camacho Chavarria and Jose Manuel Flores Hernandez directors of the Company. In October 2012 CTLE acquired “new nanotechnology” from a certain Dr. Victor Castano in exchange for 101,000,000 shares of the Company’s common stock and appointed him CTO. Mr. Hernandez then resigned. With a market cap of $8 million, the company has no revenues and cash amounting to $166 thousand as of March 2013. If you had bought shares in this company exactly one year ago around the time of their reorganization, you would have already lost 93% of your investment.

Source: Google Finance


It’s very difficult to solve all the world’s problems at once with nanotechnology but CTLE seems to be making good progress. So far this year alone, CTLE has successfully tested their nanotechnology gasoline which combines 60% gasoline with 40% ordinary drinking water. They have tested their fire-resistant coating with several suppliers for Pemex and tested their proprietary Nanotechnology Immune Stimulant which prevents disease in cultured shrimp. CTLE has announced the development of the next generation of nano waterproof coatings, and signed an NDA to examine the market potential of their innovative nanotechnology which traps the active ingredients in clothes softeners. The Company has announced the development of a new nanotechnology to convert eggshells into hydroxyapatite, developed a nanobiotechnology mesh which helps stop blood flow, and announced the development of a revolutionary self-cleaning paint. CTLE has also begun testing nanotechnology coatings with commercial LED lighting systems, and has developed diagnostic technology to identify tuberculosis.

The company makes the following statement on their home page:

Funny how creating materials at a tiny nanometer scale can hold such big promise for so many industrial sectors, not to mention savvy investors.


Savvy investors should question if a company with no revenues, assets of $188 thousand and liabilities of $649 thousand is really in a position to bring to market commercial products for all the industries they claim to be addressing.


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  1. You forgot to mention the nano nail polish they announced late last year. If anything has legs that can run, it’s nano nail polish.

    1. Their collaboration with et3m, a company which claims to be selling perpetual-motion machines to Fortune-50 companies, makes them look very fishy.

      1. When we did the research for this article, all we could think of is to stay far far away from whatever it is this company claims to be doing. Red flags were everywhere.