14 Most Recent 3D Systems (DDD) Acquisitions

September 12. 2013. 3 mins read

Just several days ago, 3D Systems announced yet another acquisition when they acquired The Sugar Lab, a company that produces novel 3D confections. Acquisitions have been happening at such a frantic pace for 3D Systems that it’s worth stopping to take a closer look at just what type of companies have been acquired in 2012/2013. These 14 companies are as follows.

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Sep 2013
The Sugar Lab

Run by a husband and wife team in Los Angeles, this 3D Printer of edible confections will be integrated into the content-to-print platforms of 3D Systems. Their photo gallery shows some truly sweet pictures of their creations.

Aug 2013

One of the UK’s leading and largest providers of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling services across sectors that include automotive, aerospace, medical, defence and motorsport including F1. This 40 employee company will be integrated into the 3D Systems Quickparts services which was another company acquired by 3D Systems in Feb 2011.

Aug 2013
VisPower Technology
Cloud-based collaborative design and project management platform to be integrated into Geomagic Solutions and the Cubify platform.

Jul 2013
Phenix Systems
Founded in 2000, French company Phenix Systems designs, manufactures and markets powder bed additive manufacturing equipment with three main printer lines, two of which have variants targeting the dental market. Materials supported include stainless steels, tooling steels, non-ferrous alloys, superalloys, precious metals and ceramic alumina.

May 2013
San Diego based company targeting the automotive, computer, consumer appliances, medical device and industrial equipment industries with quick turn manufacturing services. The company has 350 employees deployed across the US, Mexico, China and the UK and was purchased at an estimated acquisition price of $35-40 million.

Feb 2013
Founded in 1997, North Carolina based Geomagic provides 3D Design CAD, inspection, and scanning software as well as some market leading haptic devices. The company was acquired by 3D Systems for around $55 million in cash.

Jan 2013
Paris based company creating consumer customized 3D printed products and collectibles which will be integrated into the Cubify platform.

Oct 2012
The Innovation Modelmakers
Netherland based company providing an on-demand custom parts service with a focus on electronics

Oct 2012
Formerly a competitor of Geomagic, RapidForm’s reverse engineering scanning software was quickly integrated into the Geomagic product set.

Jul 2012
Viztu Technologies
Founded in 2010, Massachusetts based startup Viztu is the developer of Hypr3D, an online platform that allows anyone to turn their pictures and videos into printable 3D creations. This product is now integrated into the Cubify platform as “Cubify Capture”.

May 2012
Bespoke Innovations
Founded in 2009, this San Francisco based company develops and commercializes custom fit prosthetics, orthotics, and orthopedics. The company specializes in making covers for prosthetic limbs that turn a practical object into a work of art as seen in this gallery.

May 2012
 A European design agency that specializes in 3D printed lifestyle accessories, lighting fixtures, and lamps with a large collection of smartphone cases that have even found their way into Apple stores.

April 2012
Paramount Industries
Founded in 1996, this Pennsylvania based company performs manufacturing and product development to produce parts directly from digital input for aerospace and medical device applications.

April 2012
My Robot Nation
My Robot Nation, a consumer technology platform that allows users to create and 3D print their own customized robot which is now integrated into the Cubify platform. Robots are priced by size with the 2-inch robot costing $17.99.

With acquisitions averaging about one every 45 days, 3D Systems shows no signs of decreasing their appetite for new and exciting companies that complement their existing product and service offerings.


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