Adesto’s CBRAM targets 70 billion dollar market

July 30. 2013. 2 mins read

In earlier articles we discussed various startups Harris and Harris Group (TINY) is currently backing including Cambrios, Nanosys, and Molecular Imprints. With the recent sale of Xradia, Tiny’s second largest holding (after Solazyme) and largest private equity holding is Adesto Technologies Corporation accounting for 12% of TINY’s equity-focused venture capital portfolio as of March 31, 2013.


Adesto Technologies received its first round of funding in 2007 including a strong set of VCs and has since received additional funding from leading Semiconductor Companies and Manufacturers, including Altis Semiconductor, the manufacturer of Adesto’s first CBRAM™ based devices. Senior management of TINY, Ata Ventures, and Arch Ventures sit on the Board of Directors.


Adesto, is a developer of conductive bridging RAM (CBRAM) memory, and has begun sampling its first product in

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